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Hello, I am a 42-year-old Hebrew teacher.

I teach professionally and seriously.

My approach as well as results are completely different from those of other schools.
I have a lot of experience with beginners.
I also have a lot of advanced students with whom I converse about their life and mine.

With each student I practice translating various types of sentences from English to Hebrew to gain the ability, the speed and the self-confidence so that you can manage in all situations on your own.

My students speak fluently within 20-25 hours since my technique is completely different from those of other teachers or online programs.

I teach weekdays as well as weekends and offer a discounted package for motivated students who wish to bring their Hebrew to a new level within 10 sessions.

My schedule is almost fully booked with my crash courses as well as my regular students but I always make effort to be available for a new motivated student.

The ultimate goal is to yield very fast results.
You are welcome to contact me.

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